Mirabeau B. Lamar Scholarship Application

Mirabeau B. Lamar is known as the The Father of Public Education in Texas

The Masonic Lodge of Texas was instrumental in the formation of the Public School System in Texas. Brother Lamar, who is considered the Father of Education in Texas, was the forefront leader of the public school movement. Lamar believed that the greatness of Texas rested on the establishment of public education. As the Second President of the Republic of Texas, Lamar began to set aside public lands that could be used as an endowment for an educational system. Today, we honor his legacy by offering the Lamar Scholarship and Award to students and faculty members of Texas public schools who exemplify the values that Masons cherish; Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Scholarship Information

The Carrollton Lodge Scholarship Foundation has scholarships (typically $1,000 each) for college, trade schools and certificate programs, to be given annually to students who demonstrate both the character and the financial needs for such. Scholarship funds come from sources including: Endowed Scholarships given in honor of Masons, Fundraisers conducted by the Scholarship Foundation, and donations from Masons and Non-masons.
The Scholarships are open to everyone and a relationship to a current or deceased Mason is NOT required for consideration.


Students desiring to be considered for these scholarships must complete and return this application, on or before, the end of the business day on:

  • Monday, February 12, 2024.

The application and supporting documents should be emailed to: secretary@carrolltonmasons.org with a subject of “Lamar Scholarship Application”
If selected, the Lamar Award will be presented at an awards banquet, usually on the last Wednesday in the month of March. The financial aspect of the scholarship will usually be presented at the end of school year awards ceremony. Scholarship Applications will be “blind” scored by the Scholarship Committee and voted on by members of the Lodge.

Scoring of the application will be weighted as follows:

  • Financial Need – 20%
  • Community Service – 20%
  • Neatness/Presentation – 20%
  • Scholastic Achievements – 20%
  • Values – 20%